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  6. Let me start with my apologies for the length of this question. I’m 69 and retired and a couple of years ago I purchased an Xbox 360 for when my granddaughter visits. As it turns out I became somewhat hooked, purchased a few games and then became very interested with combat flight simulator games. I recently purchased ‘Birds of Steel’ and then quickly realized what I really needed was a flight stick as the Xbox controller just wasn’t cutting it. I managed to get a new Pacific 360 AV8R controller on eBay and have been going insane since then! I did manage, with a LOT of Internet searching, to get most of the mapping button and axis controls in some reasonable working order (Mode 1), but then I hit a brick wall with a particular setting that I can’t figure out no matter what I try. When I first started out with the Xbox controller on the first couple of missions where you had to use and fire with the rear gunner (I forget what button(s)) had to be used, but no problem whatsoever as I could shoot at the enemy planes behind me while the plane seemed to fly by itself while I aimed and shot at them. However, with the AV8R controller I can’t for the life of me figure out what button setting to use, or where it’s found in the button mapping so that I can switch to my rear gunner, aim and shoot while the plane flies by itself. I tried assigning a button to ‘Gunner View’ in the ‘View Controls’ in the button mapping but that only results in a rear view of the plane and if I move the sight around it actually ends up flying and moving the plane about! I even tried assigning a button to ‘Toggle Sight' in the ‘Fire Controls’ button mapping to no avail. Bottom line… I can’t play this game with the AV8R controller until I know what settings in the button mapping (and possibly axis settings?) until I can get to, and control my rear gunner while the plane stays in flight by itself as it should be. For what it’s worth, I got most of my settings here from M00ps albeit I changed a few to my personal liking, but nothing whatsoever that could possibly effect accessing the rear gunner. But, obviously none of these button/axis mapping settings work for switching to, and enabling the rear gunner to work (NOTE: I didn’t bother much with the REPLAY settings as I’m not all that concerned with them now). Any and ALL help would be most appreciated to this frustrated old guy who is about ready to throw in the proverbial towel as I’m at a complete loss with this issue. Thank you for your much anticipated help.
  7. Starting to join in on-line missions & am really enjoying getting my @*^ kicked by you guys...some of you are damn good! :good: Feel I am getting the hang of things but am confused by sector control, red vs blue colour gauges across the top of the screen, Red & Blue circles to fly to, eliminating my enemies ability to respawn etc etc. :angry: Any help, guides, tips in a thread on this forum re online missions? Have picked up a headset & been listening in..OK to ask questions while on-line? Any tips on playing with or against the AI gang?
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