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Modern Conflict 2 Game Supplements.

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Hello Players,

This is Kashfiya Rafa wanna share some cheat code for your android suggested by my pro gamer friend "Gustavo Woltmann".  Modern Conflict 2 Hack is free way to unlock or get all In-App purchases for free. 

Cheats working on devices:


Oil train  >>> “VAsRkiu49DSrIhU_ot”(Updated cheat code)
Oil tank  >>> “TGCnLL1DdJU78nV_2J”
Oil terminal  >>> “OIeMhPvIsArZmNT_TV”(Updated cheat code)
Oil tanker  >>> “WawuHvXzBJqD5Jw_Lm”
Oil supertanker  >>> “Ux7VakF5sNtnQck_0I”(Updated cheat code)
Oilier  >>> “NTl18MywZtR5LQ1_mj”

Thanks :)


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