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misplaced camera
Spawn camera bug and red hit direction indicator bug

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Hi guys,

Remember when there was that bug when your binoculars were misaligned with turret direction on spawn ?? it was fixed for a while but now i'm getting it again. this time however, the turret is misaligned in 3rd  person tank camera mode. its like if i point my turret 12 oclock it goes to 8 oclock  and i have to toggle binoc's to fix it.

its nothing devs cant handle so that is that.

the other one i found is when someone hits my tank and i suffer damage, that RED ARCH thing that comes on screen to guide with direction of attack, yeah it gives wrong direction. so lets say, if the enemy shot me and hid behind cover, the red arch goes crazy and point in random direction. after examining couple of replays i found that replays reflected the position of tanks in the actual during the match when the tank hid, the position went out of map and thats right where my red arch was pointing at.


short thing, there might be reports of this same bug but please take time to check my CLOG file. i hope i didnt explained poorly.  thanks



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